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The Dance Department is committed to looking at our dance classes, dance history, health and wellness, master classes and repertoire through a lens of social justice and equity.

The concerns of equity are at the forefront when planning schedules, events, extra-curricular projects, field trips, master classes and performances,

Below, we've outlined the different initiatives we've instituted within our Department to advance social justice within our classes.

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Social Justice Representatives

The Dance Social Justice Representatives take on the responsibility of leadership for LACHSA Dance majors in regards to Social Justice issues. They meet weekly with the Dance Department Chair and all other Dance Student Reps.


Student concerns, questions and ideas regarding social justice in our school, classrooms, dance classes, social settings are brought to our Dance Social Justice Representatives.


Our Dance Social Justice Reps serve as an essential bridge between Dance majors, Dance Faculty and LACHSA administration.



Josh Hurley

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