The Dance Department is committed to looking at our dance classes, dance history, health and wellness, master classes and repertoire through a lens of social justice and equity.

The concerns of equity are at the forefront when planning schedules, events, extra-curricular projects, field trips, master classes and performances,

Below, we've outlined the different initiatives we've instituted within our Department to advance social justice within our classes.

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Dance and Social Justice Sessions

Social Justice Representatives

A specific focus we have added this year is to begin each meeting with an evolving Social Justice statement and Dance and Social Justice Sessions with each Dance teacher.


Our Dance teachers share their journey through the Dance profession with a focus on their journey as it relates to concerns of social justice, equity and systemic racism/sexism.


This has offered our students a deep insight into their dance teachers’ trajectory and the challenges of discrimination that performing artists face in all aspects of the profession.


Our Dance Social Justice focus is ever-evolving and we look forward to sharing and expanding our presence online and in society

This year we added Dance Department Social Justice Representatives from our Senior class.

The Dance Social Justice Representatives take on the responsibility of leadership for LACHSA Dance majors in regards to Social Justice issues. They meet weekly with the Dance Department Chair and all other Dance Student Reps.


Student concerns, questions and ideas regarding social justice in our school, classrooms, dance classes, social settings are brought to our Dance Social Justice Representatives.


Our Dance Social Justice Reps serve as an essential bridge between Dance majors, Dance Faculty and LACHSA administration.

A Socially Conscious Repertoire

Our choice of repertoire studied, rehearsed and performed in our main concert include choreographies that depict challenging social realities such as: the Holocaust, the genocide in Sudan, the separation of Mexican and Central American children from their families at our US/Mexico border and more.


This year we are including repertoire that focuses on Harriet Tubman, the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement and its’ relationship to our Black Live Matters Movement. Our annual focus on legendary José Limón’s modern repertoire will bring excerpts from “The Unsung”.


This classic work honors the power and nobility of twelve great Indigenous tribal leaders from the American continent. Our dancers study the history that is the seed for these powerful choreographies which empowers them with the history, knowledge and commitment to do justice to these stories in their work ethic and performance.







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